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Daniel Kus, BS Pharm, RPh

Vice President

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Daniel P. Kus, RPh, graduated from Ferris State University’s Pharmacy program in 1979. At the beginning his career, Daniel’s focus was targeted on developmental strategies for the retail side of pharmacy business at a local independently owned drugstore. Soon thereafter, Kus advanced his title by expanding his responsibilities to include operational management, implementing quality performance initiatives and enhancing standards of practice within a HMO/ managed care organization. In 1987, the distinguished Henry Ford Health System recognized Mr. Kus’ leadership capabilities and intuitive industry perspective by extending him an offer to become Director of Pharmacy Services. Due to this broad spectrum of expertise, experience and understanding of the business, Daniel was presented his position as Vice President of Ambulatory Pharmacy Services and later Vice President of Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy.

Among Daniel Kus’ extensive professional commissions are full profit and loss responsibility for 24 ambulatory pharmacies, including several retail, one mail-order and one specialty site. He is also currently at the helm of more than 300 employees generating an excess of $170 million revenue annually. Mr. Kus has functioned in this central role for period of 12 years, in which time his additional accountabilities have included but not limited to, assisting with pharmaceutical contracting for HMO members, administration of a home infusion company, execution of utilization management programs, supervision of Henry Ford Health System’s activity in the 340B program, and serving as a member of the Ambulatory Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee.

For more than 2 years, Daniel has been a key participant in establishing a national specialty pharmacy network of integrated healthcare delivery organizations and academic institutions called Excelera. Excelera is being driven by a diverse selection of trailblazing health systems to provide a comprehensive model of patient care.

Daniel P. Kus is the esteemed recipient of the HFHS Board of Trustees Focus on People Award for the years: 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2011 for countless campaigns resulting in significant improvements regarding patient satisfaction and revenue growth.

Douglas Samojedny, RPh

Manager of Operations

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Douglas Samojedny, RPh, matriculated from Ferris State University’s School of Pharmacy in Big Rapids, MI. After program completion in 1982, his objective was to assist in the successful growth and development of his family’s independent retail pharmacy. Although the opportunity to work closely with his father and siblings facilitated Douglas’ extensive knowledge of business management, inventory control, and customer service, by 1989 he was ready to embark upon new endeavors.

Once he parted ways with the family business, Douglas took on a promising role as an inpatient staff pharmacist at Detroit Osteopathic Hospital, which was later purchased by Macomb Hospital. Following this corporate transition, his passion for inpatient care continued at the facility until it was acquired by the larger and more prominent entity, St. John Health System. Subsequently, due to Douglas’ 7 years of experience within the evolving system and impeccable performance reviews, he was advanced to a supervisor title. This promotion required Mr. Samojedny to be accountable for the oversight of daily operations at Glendale Retail Pharmacy (part of St. John Health System).

In 2000, Douglas was recognized for successfully increasing Glendale’s production and dispensing figures by means of implementing assorted quality improvement initiatives. As a result, he was again presented with a high level leadership position, functioning as Manager at St. John Health Systems retail department. Over the next 12 years of executive administrative service at St. John, Mr. Samojedny accumulated accolades spanning the gamut of design and innovation. Among these accomplishments are the building/expansion of pharmacy departments at 2 surgery centers, 1 long term care setting, 1 mental health facility and 4 retail sites. Individually, he was responsible for streamlining the operational workflow procedures to create a more efficient standard of practice.

During the year 2012, Douglas agreed to join the flourishing Pharmacy Advantage team and take on the role of Operations Manager. Presently, his duties range from supervising dispensing practices, monitoring delivery procedures to safeguard the shipment of quality pharmaceutical products, examining program policies to identify areas of service improvement, coupled with executing the proper handling/distribution of specialty medications through close partnerships with manufacturers, payers, and clinical staff.

Through Mr. Samojedny’s years of professional practice, he has also been a member of the following organizations:

  • Board of Directors for the Detroit Metropolitan Pharmacist Association
  • Various Board positions in Wayne County Pharmacist Association
  • Michigan Pharmacist Association: (1990-1994: Vice Speaker of the House) (1994-1997: Speaker of the House of Delegates
  • Member of multiple committees: third party committee, Political Action Committee, Local Association Development Committee

Amidst his astounding lifetime of achievements, Douglas also placed great value on impacting his local community through a plethora of volunteer outreach events. His participation in senior citizen support programs, free asthma clinics, in addition to unwanted medication disposal projects are aimed at aiding the underserved and often forgotten populations. Douglas’ business philosophy has always been, “at the end of the day, we need to do whatever we can in our power to provide our patients the compassion and care that they deserve”.

Dr. Marcy Donato, PharmD

Coordinator of Oncology Services

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Dr. Marcy Donato received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from Ferris State University College of Pharmacy. In 2010, she joined the clinical team at Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy. Dr. Donato began as a clinical pharmacist and was promoted in 2012 to Coordinator of Oncology Services. As an integral part of the oncology care team, she combines her passion for patient care with an extensive knowledge of oral oncology therapies. In addition to providing patient counseling and education, Dr. Donato is responsible for monitoring the progression of drugs within the oncology pipeline. Moreover, her duties extend to assuring that patients gain access to these new treatments as quickly and affordable as possible. During her time at Pharmacy Advantage, Dr. Donato’s positive demeanor and dedication to optimal service has markedly set her apart as a leader. Her skillset and teamwork has resulted in a recent elected position, chairperson for an internal Implementation committee. Dr. Marcy Donato has repeatedly displayed a strong work ethic with a patient focus and continually strives to improve the overall customer experience.

Shamarra Miller

Supervisor of Call Center & Data Entry

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Shamarra Miller attended and received her certification from Crockett Vocational High School in 1997. By 2003, she assumed a pharmacy technician position at the nationally renowned, Henry Ford Health Systems–Main Campus in Detroit, Mi. Shortly after being hired, Shamarra displayed an obvious aptitude for patient safety, attention to detail and customer service. It was for this reason she was promoted to project specialist, taking on the responsibility of all third party billing.

In 2007, her talents were recognized by Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy and in turn the newly formed organization offered her a lead technician role. Due to Shamarra’s early employment into the quickly flourishing company, her experience and industry knowledge proved beneficial to the team with regards to streamlining a workflow within the call center and data entry department. It was at this juncture that she was promoted to call center supervisor with duties extending into the data entry division. Thanks to Shamarra’s diligence and passion for health care, her strategies for improving the quality of direct customer service were implemented into the best practice model. Her ultimate goal while at Pharmacy Advantage is to continue refining services to perpetually enhance the patient experience.

Michael Nasif, RPh

Coordinator, Operations

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Michael Nasif, RPh, graduated from Cairo University College of Pharmacy in 2001. After program completion, he joined the army for 14 months working as pharmacist in the service at a military hospital. Once returning to the states, Michael accepted a position as a medical representative and pharmacist field trainer at GlaxoSmithKline, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies until 2007. By 2008, he transferred to a Walgreens retail location as an intern and eventually advanced to become a pharmacy manager. Mr. Nasif worked in this manager role for 5 years, where he was awarded various honors including best customer service in a 24 hour store, outstanding medication therapy management and HIV center of excellence. In addition to Michael’s multiple accolades, he is also CPR and immunization certified.

Due to Nasif’s impeccable record for superior patient care and innovative business initiatives, he was offered an operational pharmacist title at the flourishing Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy in May of 2012. Currently, he is enrolled at Massachusetts University of Pharmacy pursuing his PharmD degree. Michael Nasif hopes to continue his professional career with the family oriented atmosphere of Pharmacy Advantage and be a valuable asset to program development.

Clinical Staff

Dr. Jonathan Mansour, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Hepatology

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Dr. Jonathan S. Mansour, received his Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2012 from Wayne State University’s Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Detroit, MI. He proudly graduated in the top ten percent of his class which resulted in his induction into the Rho Chi Society where he served as president for the organization. Later that year, Jonathan joined the prestigious ranks of the prospering Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy as a clinical pharmacy specialist. Since his arrival, Dr. Mansour has been promoted to a lead pharmacist role specializing in Hepatology.

As the lead Hepatology clinical pharmacist, Dr. Mansour is responsible for overseeing all patients who are currently being treated for Hepatitis C. Among his duties for this disease specific population are facilitating medication counseling, ensuring therapy compliance, arranging prompt delivery, enrolling patients in copay assistance if applicable, communicating with various health care professionals to safeguard treatment, and tailoring services to meet patient's individual needs. Jonathan is highly motivated and passionate team member, who has been frequently recognized for supporting his patients above and beyond industry standards. His primary goals are to help his patients achieve successful response to therapy, improve patient care and safety, and achieve excellent clinical outcomes.

Dr. Sweta Patel, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Multiple Sclerosis

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Dr. Sweta Patel, received her Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2005 from Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Detroit, MI. In 2010, she joined one of the nation’s leading comprehensive, integrated health systems as a clinical pharmacy specialist at Health Alliance Plan Pharmacy Care Management. As a clinical pharmacy specialist at HAP, she was primarily responsible for formulary development. During her time in this position, she encouraged patient’s proper medication utilization and applied evidence based clinical data to create disease management programs.

By 2012, she transitioned to Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy continuing her role as a clinical pharmacy specialist. Her primary focus is on providing superior clinical services to patients, providers and payors. Dr. Patel is the lead pharmacist in charge of configuration and implementation of the Multiple Sclerosis medication therapy management program. Her goals include enhancing pharmaceutical outcomes via appropriate prescription use, maximizing adherence, and optimization of economic outcomes through avoiding unwarranted drug expenditure.

Rania Akkad, RPh

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Transplant

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Rania Akkad, RPh, received her Bachelors of Pharmacy in 2002 from Petra University in Amman, Jordan. Graduating with honors, Rania was ranked first amongst the class of 2002. In 2011, she joined the ever growing Henry Ford Health System. Currently functioning in both the operational and clinical sides of Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy, her responsibilities are comprised of determining appropriate pharmaceutical therapy, proper drug utilization, prior authorizations, communicating with health care professionals, patient assessment and counseling. Rania has been recognized and awarded for demonstrating excellent customer service over the years as well as promoting patient safety. In addition, she is certified in immunization delivery. Rania’s primary goal is to provide patients with the highest quality of care and support practices that increase patient awareness/compliance with prescribed medications.

Annette Delgado, RN

Oncology Nurse

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Annette Delgado, RN is a graduate of Wayne County Community College and is certified in bio-therapies of chemo therapeutic agents and chronic/acute hemodialysis. In 2012, she joined Pharmacy Advantage from Karmanos Cancer Center where she gain 11 ½ years’ experience treating chemotherapy, BMT(bone marrow transplant), medical surgical, and post-surgical step down patient population. After leaving Karmanos, Annette undertook a position at Henry Ford Health System’s Chronic Dialysis units. Although she felt a sense of purpose in all areas of nursing the reward she experienced while working with cancer patients surpassed her expectations. It was this desire and love for oncology that made Annette take the next exciting leap into the challenging realm of clinical care on the Pharmacy Advantage team. Annette’s role includes assisting the oncology department through proactive patient communications regarding medication counseling, disease education, and prescription compliance/adherence. As the first nurse at Pharmacy Advantage, she is a pioneer in our high touch clinical support methodologies and reflects our commitment to safety, quality, clinical outcomes and customer service.

Ari Mouzoon, RPh

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Infertility

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Ari Mouzoon, RPh, received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston School of Pharmacy in 1994. She began her career at various retail and inpatient pharmacies around Arkansas, gaining experience in dispensing, patient counseling, inventory purchasing and management. In 2001, Ari joined Henry Ford Health System, where she worked as a pharmacy coordinator at the Southfield and West Bloomfield clinic locations. Seeking more of a leadership role in the organization, Ari then sought out an operations pharmacist position at Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy. She is one of the original staff members of the facility since its inception. Currently, Ari is in charge of our Ophthalmology therapy program responsible for maintaining our partnerships with assorted vision centers. Her duties also include monitoring the Pharmacy Advantage website “Contact a Pharmacist” source of communication for patients. Ari strives to provide our clients with a safe, friendly, and overall enjoyable customer service experience.