An Advantage for Manufacturers

With our extensive experience in specialty pharmacy services for patients, payors and physicians, Pharmacy Advantage can help your healthcare clients and their patients gain better access to the therapies you offer.

We help manufacturers access small or hard-to-target patient populations while maintaining the highest privacy standards. And because we focus on improving clinical outcomes, we can increase the likelihood patients will utilize a new drug appropriately to receive the maximum benefit.

  • Customized packaging for specific medications and therapies
  • Drug trial assistance
  • Results-driven therapy management to increase medication adherence
  • Patient counseling and comprehensive support services

Contact Us

Leveraging our diversified payor network, our extensive physician relationships, our mail distribution capability and our 26 local Pharmacy Advantage pharmacies, we can work with you to launch new products or promote existing products. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Pharmacy Advantage can help you. Contact us today at (800) 456-2112 for a consultation.