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Financial Assistance

The staff at Pharmacy Advantage understands that prescriptions can be expensive, particularly for specialty medications. Our dedicated team is devoted to helping patients acquire the drug therapies they need, at prices they can manage. Pharmacy Advantage strives to find patient funding whenever and wherever possible, thus eliminating interruptions in treatment related to financial concerns.

There are patient assistance programs for people who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Have insurance with a high co-pay
  • Incur a high deductible
  • Have Medicare or are eligible for Medicare A/B or D
  • Have no prescription drug coverage and/or live on a limited income

Many of our valued customers are currently enrolled and benefiting from various co-pay assistance programs. However, if you are not presently registered and would like further information regarding funding options, please contact us. Our compassionate staff will be happy to facilitate matching a foundation/resource that best meets your needs. Program eligibility is independently determined based on regulated criteria by each financial assistance program which may include but not limited to, income documentation and diagnosis verification. The Pharmacy Advantage financial assistance department is committed to working with patients to complete any process requirements and provide extra support as requested.

1 - Not all medications or patients are eligible for financial assistance. There are mandatory requirements that must be validated in order to be qualified for specific funding programs. Please contact a Pharmacy Advantage representative if you have any questions regarding co-pay assistance conditions or would like additional details at (800) 456-2112 Ext. 5

Prior Authorization Assistance

Pharmacy Advantage’s Prior Authorization department works in conjunction with your doctor’s office to obtain required approval documentation from your insurance provider. Our team understands the detailed intricacies of coordinating all parties involved during this complicated process. Therefore, you can rest assure that Pharmacy Advantage will go above and beyond to partner with your insurance company on your behalf.

Benefits Investigation

Pharmacy Advantage collaborates with your doctor’s office to verify that your designated insurance covers the prescribed medications. In the event it is determined a prescription is not included under your specific insurance plan, our benefits investigation team will identify other means of accessing the medication you need. Through our diverse network of resources, a variety of options are available to our customers. Additionally, if for any reason we cannot fill your prescription, you and your doctor’s office will be notified by a Pharmacy Advantage staff member. Mandated prescriptions will then be sent to the pharmacy your insurance requires the medication to be filled.

Disease-Specific Programs

Pharmacy Advantage has several disease-specific Medication Therapy Management Programs tailored to individual needs. These programs include patients diagnosed with:

Patients who choose to enroll in Therapy Management Programs receive a monthly follow-up phone call from a clinical pharmacist specialized in your diagnosis to review health related topics:

  • Assess if the medication is delivering appropriate outcomes
  • Answer any concerns/questions a patient may have regarding medication, diagnosed condition and/or overall health related topics
  • Monthly prescription refill reminders
  • Provide tips to help decrease or eliminate any potential side-effects a patient may experience as a result of prescribed medication(s)
  • Enroll eligible patients into a financial assistance program to assist offset high copays* (if not previously enrolled)

Participating Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Upon enrollment of eligible patients, Pharmacy Advantage’s patient management program (disease state programs) will convey information on rights and responsibilities to the participating patients including but not limited to the following:

a) The right to know about philosophy and characteristics of the patient management program;

b) The right to have personal health information shared with the patient management program only in accordance with state and federal law;

c) The right to identify the staff member of the program and their job title, and to speak with a supervisor of the staff member if requested;

d) The right to receive information about the patient management program;

e) The right to receive administrative information regarding changes in or termination of the patient management program;

f) The right to decline participation, revoke consent or disenroll at any point in time;

g) The responsibility to submit any forms that are necessary to participate in the program, to the extent required by law;

h) The responsibility to give accurate clinical and contact information and to notify the patient management program of changes in this information; and

i) The responsibility to notify their treating provider of their participation in the patient management program, if applicable.

Free, Convenient Home Delivery & Mail Order

At Pharmacy Advantage we believe our patients need to have the most convenient methods obtaining prescriptions from a pharmacy. Therefore, we deliver your medication directly to your home or office completely free of charge. In addition, a carrier service may be utilized when necessary for convenient same–day delivery to patients who live locally.1

1 - Same day delivery is not available every day of the week. Please contact a Pharmacy Advantage representative in order to discuss carrier service availability and/or for additional information at (800) 456-2112.

Specialty Medications

Pharmacy Advantage carries many hard to find specialty medications for conditions such as Arthritis, Cancer, Hepatitis, MS, and more.

Patients using Specialty Medications from Pharmacy Advantage are supported by our Medication Therapy Management Programs, which provide regular counseling to help ensure the best possible outcome from their treatment.

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